It doesn't matter where I am or what I do, I constantly hear sounds, tunes and music in my soul. My entire life has been and will be about music. Some days I create a catchy tune in my head, but no paper to write it down. I hate those moments. On other days I just scribble the notes on my shopping list between shampoo and pickles.

For years I did not follow my dream to created my own sounds and music until the year of 2000 where I decided to give it a try. One day I took the time to go thru my scribbled notes and realized that some of them had the dates of that creation on paper. I also realizes that the notes surpassed the current time. I decided to take some passages from one note and others from a different note and so on. The end result I believe are some great songs and music.

To make these songs complete, Axel and Thomas, friends of mine and band members of Aquacity, were kind enough to give me their input and suggestion. Axel and Thomas also mixed in some drums and bass to make it complete.

I want to say “Thank you to all my friends and musicians for their help and input to make this album possible. I also want to say thanks for pushing me to follow my dream and to believing in me.” I hope that people enjoy the diversity of the music on this albums and to remember that music brings people together!

Much Love



Believe in yourself

Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY


Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY

Blues is on your mind

Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY

This is the world

Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY

Ready steady go!

Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY

Hard row

Composed by Gunnar Zerbst. Produced by AQUACITY


CD Backcover Gunnar Zerbst
CD Frontcover Gunnar Zerbst


Produced by AQUACITY

Nach mehrjähriger Produktion ist aus Gunnars Kompositionen nun endlich eine fantastische CD mit 13 abwechlungsreichen Songs entstanden.

Viele befreundete Musiker haben dabei mitgewirkt und den Songs einen characteristischen, eigenen Sound verliehen.

Die CD kann bei Auftritten von AQUACITY und auch im TOOTAL-Markt in Bremerhaven erworben werden.

Ferner sind Songs von der CD auch im RADIO-WESER-TV zu hören.

Vielen Dank an alle Mitwirkenden


Gunnar Zerbst: Vocals, all Guitars, Arrangement, Composition, Lyrics
Axel Adelsberg: Drums and Percussion
Thomas von Glahn: Bassguitar
Fabio Marafona: Vocals, Backings
hat auch das langjährige AQUACITY Bandmitglied
Guido tum Suden: Orchester Arrangemant on "As you crossed my way"

an der CD mitgewirkt.

Ebenso spektakulär ist das Mitwirken von

Thomas Einberger: Vocals, Backings
Carmen Schilling: Backings
Peter Henken: Keyboards, Pianos
Pete Gorecki: Keyboards, Pianos

Diese Musiker waren auch alle schon das eine oder andere Mal mit AQUACITY auf der Bühne zu sehen und zu hören.

Als Gastmusiker agierten:

Jan Christian Halfbrodt: Wind instruments on "You're the only one"
Jürgen Pfitzinger: Percussions
Anke Berhrens: Akkordeon on "Hard row"
Mike Lindner: Steel guitar an "Hard row"

Unser Dank geht ebenso an:

Mixing and Mastering: Mike Lindner
Technical support: Charly Müller
Musical Advices: Dean Collins
Wolfgang Uhlich
Hagen rösler
Albert Lüdke
Cover Photo and Booklet: Harry Zier
GUNNAR ZERBST Logo: Peter Langpeter


Mein Dank geht an alle Beteiligten. Ohne Eure Hilfe wäre aus meinen Ideen nichts Greifbares geworden.